We aim to provide three services: Radiation Effects Assessment Service, Repair Capacity Assessment, and Lifestyle Assessment.

Assessment of radiation effects :
Effects of radiation

Evaluating the health effects of radiation based on DNA damage

 This is a service for estimating radiation doses from DNA damage, assessing disease risks based on the estimated doses, and determining treatment priorities. By monitoring the DNA damage level in combination with physical dose assessment, it is possible to manage the health of radiation workers and victims of radiation disasters.  We count the number of DNA damage of people exposed by radiation, quantify the radiation exposure dose and health risks caused by exposure, and return the results as a report.

Repair capacity evaluation : Repair capacity

Measuring DNA damage repair capacity from the number of DNA damage

 This is a service to visualize the impact of lifestyle on disease risk by quantifying the impact of daily lifestyle on cells based on DNA damage. This service can be used for daily health management by the general public and athletes.  The number of DNA damage is counted, and from the change in the number of DNA damage over time, DNA damage repair capacity is quantified, and a report is returned.

Lifestyle habits assessment

Estimating lifestyle health risks from DNA damage

 DNA damage is repaired by the body’s DNA damage repair mechanism. The DNA damage repair capacity varies from person to person, and if we can understand this, we can determine our tolerance to DNA damage. If you understand the level of your DNA repair capacity, you will be able to know the appropriate stress management for you.  In addition to counting the number of DNA damage in the daily lives of ordinary people, we ask them to answer several questionnaires regarding their lifestyle and biological information (age, gender, etc.), and return a report on their current disease risk and what factors in their lifestyle increase their disease risk.

Future to realize

 Through the three services based on DNA damage assessment, we aim to realize a society where many people who are concerned about their health in various situations can check their health conditions by themselves and proactively take care of themselves by assessing their health risks, identifying the factors of those risks, and proposing solutions that meet those factors. We hope to realize a society where many people who are concerned about their health in various situations can check their health status by themselves and actively take care of themselves.